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茶籽堂 大罐
Play Design New Sign

Future Lab / 未來實驗室

Curated by Play Design Hotel, Pei-Ying Lin (林沛瑩), Kuang-Yi Ku (顧廣毅), Paul Gong (宮保睿) and Rachel  Chang (張芮綺)


TWD 4,200 


Different from the general perception of design—to solve the issues in daily living or for the beauty of life—the three design artists Pei-Ying Lin, Kuang-Yi Ku, Paul Gong from the “Ouroboros Organic Organisms of O” in Taiwan, transformed the design object into critical thinking and the catalyst for imagination. They combined their interdisciplinary specialties in the fields of biology, design, and art, thinking about the relationship between people and the living environment, and through speculative design, they seek to envision a possible future with: the relationship between and the possibility in human beings and viruses, people and their armpit hair, and human and dolphin.


In order to introduce the most avant-garde design thinking to visitors from all over the world, Play Design Hotel has curated the theme room Future Lab.


The Future Lab is also the designers’ living lab—the artists of “Ouroboros Organic Organisms of O” designed navigation equipment, experience package, the scenario questionnaire, and other cultural probes in the room, to help lodgers gradually dig into the concept and context of different experimental projects. At the same time, the lodgers will be expected to produce experimental results through personal participation in the experimental process, as the feedback for the designers.


Moreover, shoes and fabric designer Rachel, further to realize the form and structure of the design artists’ research objects into consumption products, such as non-woven toys and pillows. This will link front-end research design exploration and back-end consumption market, to enable more people, through home accessories, to contact with the design products of different thinking approaches. The project also invited Taiwan design brand Donghai Hospital and cutting-edge designers, such as Hsiao-Ching, Cheng, Yao Mengzhu, He Caiying, to demonstrate their own laboratory-style products and the experimental design works, to invest rich diversity in the Future Lab.


Future Lab presents the reflection of unknown, the imagination of future, the possibility of the unnoticed. We welcome you to the Future Lab, as both the experimenter and the subject, and to add your perspectives and voices of the unknown, the future, and the unnoticed.


不同於一般以解決家居功能或生活美感為出發的設計,來自台灣㗊機體的三位設計藝術家 - 林沛瑩、顧廣毅、宮保睿,將設計物件轉化為批判思考、觸發想像的媒介。三個人結合個別在生物、設計、藝術等跨領域背景,思考人與生存環境之間的關係,透過思辨設計(Speculative Design) 的取徑,遙想可能的未來 – 包括:人與病毒、人與自身腋毛,以及人與海豚的未來關係及可能性。




「未來實驗室」同時也是設計師們的 living lab - 「㗊機體」的設計藝術家們在房間內設計了導覽設備、體驗包及情境問卷等文化探針(cultural probes),幫助入住旅客逐步深入不同實驗計畫的概念及脈絡。同時,住客藉由親身體驗、參與實驗計畫的過程,也產出實驗成果回饋給設計師。


女鞋及織品設計師 Rachel 更進一步將「㗊機體」三位設計藝術家的研究物件,從形式和造型結構上轉化成不織布玩具、抱枕等產品,連結前端的設計探索研究與後端的生活消費市場,讓更多人有機會藉由生活家飾品,接觸不同思考路徑的設計產物。房間同時也邀請台灣設計品牌「東海醫院」及新銳設計師程筱晴、姚孟筑、何采穎等,展出各自的實驗室風格產品及實驗性設計創作,讓整間「未來實驗室」更添豐富多元性。



In this room, there are three main projects :

Tame is to Tame / 病毒馴獸師計畫

Project by Pei-Ying Lin 

A collaboration with Miranda de Graaf, Viroscience Lab, Erasmus MC

‘Tame’ – “It is an act too often neglected,” said the fox. “It means to establish ties.”
— Le Petit Prince

Can we tame the viruses? Can viruses tame us?

Viruses, semi-living entities that not just affect human health, but also ...


「『馴服』是個常被忽略的行為」狐狸說,「它的意義是建立關係。」 —— 小王子





Dolphin Eroticarium/ 海豚性樂園

Project by Kuang-Yi Ku

“Dolphin Eroticarium” is a large mobile vessel with an architectural space open to the sea, and it sails around the waters where dolphins are around for them to pass through freely. People could arrange a series of innovative dolphin watch eco-tours, including boat trips to the “Dolphin Eroticarium” to watch dolphins...


不同於其他的海洋主題樂園,「海豚性樂園」是一個專門設計給海豚的遊樂園。本園區是一個類似大型船隻且具移動性的海洋開放建築空間,我們主要會在海豚會出沒的海域進行移動, 海豚可以自由進出這個開放空間。而人類遊客則可以參與一個新型態的生態旅遊,搭船至「海豚性樂園」觀察海豚來園區遊玩的行為,同時也有機會與海豚互...

Sloth Effect : NO. 1,

The Rainforest of Axilla / 

樹懶效應No.1 , 腋下的雨林

Project by Paul Gong

“We should preserve every scrap of biodiversity as priceless while we learn to use it and come to understand what it means to humanity.”

- Edward O. Wilson, Father of Biodiversity.


Scientists today start looking for ...


現今科學家們開始進入充滿生物多樣性的大自然雨林裡尋找新藥物。在雨林中,科學家們在擁有特別共生行為的樹懶毛髮裡找到數種真菌類,是有潛力地去治療與抵禦某些疾病、癌症與細菌感染成為新藥物的資源。 啟發於樹懶,反觀人類的腋毛似乎有著類似雨林的環境狀態,那腋毛是不是也有可能存在著某種生物多樣性? 透過想像一個...

And one special project :

Speculative Accessories Design /


Project by Rachel Chang

"Speculative Accessories Design" is an endeavor initiated by the designer Rachel, from the inspiration of the three artists of “OOOO” and their research projects, seeks to bring the biological art into daily...


這次的創作主要從㗊機體的三位藝術家的三個研究計畫出發, 希望將生物藝術帶進日常居家生活,將思辨設計...


This Space
  • Room type: Private Room

  • Room size: 30 m² (= 9 坪)

  • Elevator in Building

  • Accommodates: 2

  • Bed: 1  (King-sized mattress)

  • Bathroom: 1  

  • Daily Housekeeping

  • Check In: 4:00 PM

  • Check Out: 12:00 PM (noon)

Amenities & Services
  • Internet/Wi-Fi

  • 50'' Cable TV

  • Essentials

  • Shampoo/Shower Gel

  • Towels

  • Air Conditioning

  • All-in-one Washer and Dryer

  • Hair Dryer

  • Audio Speaker

  • Smoke Detector/ Fire Extinguisher

  • Free Local Drinks

  • Luggage Storage

  • Travel Guidebook

  • Local Breakfast Restaurants nearby

  • Designer gift for making reservation more than three nights.

Policy regarding no-show & cancellation
  • All Reservations are Non-Refundable

  • If due to natural disasters or other majeure factors, with the relevant proof provided, we will refund the full amount of your payment; if due to personal factors, such as visa not completed, private schedule changed, etc., we will not refund.


$4,200 TWD

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