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五金行日曆 2020/ Five Metal Shop CALENDAR PROJECT 2020

五金行日曆「庚子金鼠年 2020」


■ 不添加多餘的設計|排版與印刷規整

18.4 x 12.3 cm 版面中,時間日期依然是主角。為了提高小開本尺寸的易讀性與可視性,我們第三度調整使用的字體,使字骨筆劃遠觀更加清晰,也更嚴格規整版面格線,大幅度統一閱讀視線。並且在印刷上維持「撕線」的設計,讓每一本五金行日曆都可以撕好撕滿。

■ 366 天祝福|色彩啟發與插畫繪製


■ Special Bonus

Bonus 1 【 菜市場紅白塑膠袋 2020 Tyvek 進化版 】


沿用買菜會拿到的塑膠袋袋型,特選美國杜邦 Tyvek® 泰維克材質製成,像紙一樣柔和的手感,卻擁有極防水且不易破的特性,揉成皺皺的也非常好看,不但能包日曆還能裝便當,外觀上設計上選用了金屬銀墨與螢光綠色,雙面皆有不同圖樣,隨日曆限量贈送。

Bonus 2 【 酷酷冰 超新星 鑰匙圈 兩款任選一 】


從星星的形狀、內凹的角度、故意設定打歪的孔洞、上面的英文文案,都是來自設機師精心設計。上班下班,出門進門一定要隨身攜帶 Super Power! 

A 款是酷酷冰 /  B 款超新星,隨機選贈。

The Calendar Project by Five Metal Shop is an experiment to see how an almost obsolete object with a quiet cultural significance might be brought back and made relevant again in a modern context by using modern printing, papers, illustrations and design.

For the 2020 Calendar, FMS team rethought the design trying to resonate with the old calendar typology. chose a color palette inspired by Taiwan local surroundings and objects such as neon green and pink often seen on Taiwanese puppet-show stage put on around local temples, the purple shade we often remember on grandma’s shirts, and the blue pick-up truck in almost every merchant households and factories.

The typefaces were carefully tweaked to remind people of the traditional calendar and modified to fit today’s requirements. The dates of the lunar calendar and 24 solar terms have been kept because they were the most important factors that our grandfathers traditionally referred to everyday.

■ Special Bonus

​■ Packaging: The packaging of 2020 calendar, inspired by a daily grocery bag, is a shopping bag made from Tyvek (a tough, recyclable, paper-like material by DuPont) printed with neon and metallic pattern. Thus, there will be no box for 2020


​■.Gift: As you can see the attached images, we designed two kinds of keychain as gifts for 2020: cool as ice cream / hello, superstar : ). You can allocate different kinds by yourself.



尺寸 / Size:18.4 x 12.3 cm
材質 / Material :12月每月雙色薄紙印刷/ Super fine 30gsm paper 


 960 TWD 

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