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How to get to Play Design Hotel ?

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Our Address


台北市大同區太原路 156-2 號 5F

If you are coming from Taoyuan International Airport (桃園機場) 


By Taxi  

about 40-60 mins / TWD 1200


從桃園國際機場,排隊搭乘黃色計程車到玩味旅舍。 價格約在台幣 1200 元左右(超過午夜十二點搭乘會多收 10% 的夜間加成費用)

24 hours Airport Taxi service, near the Arrival Lobby. Taxi fare is charged by the meter, highway tolls not included. (Please note that a 10% surcharge is imposed after midnight.)



By Taoyuan Metro System

about 40-50 mins + 15 mins of walk/ TWD 150


從桃園國際機場購買前往A1 台北車站的捷運票。抵達台北車站後,往台北地下街方向,從 Y13 出口上地面,到地面上後,沿著太原路走約 10 分鐘,請留意PHILIPS 飛利浦門市的大招牌,我們就在 PHILIPS 店面的樓上五樓!

First purchase a ticket to A1 Taipei Main Station. After arriving A1 Taipei Main Station, follow the direction to Taipei City Mall and get out from Exit Y13. Go straight down along Taiyuan Road and find the PHILIPS shop, we are on the 5th floor!

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If you are coming from Songshan Airport(松山機場) 


By Taxi

about 15-20 mins / TWD 300

請至第一航廈(國際線)13, 14號廊柱前搭車,車資跳表計算。

Taxi service locates outside the Arrivals Lobby. Fares are charged by the meter.

By Taipei Metro System

 about 15 mins + 10 mins of walk / TWD 20

搭乘捷運 MRT 是最便利的!請搭至中山站 (G14; R11),位於紅線和綠線,從中山站出 5 號出口,右轉直走到第二個十字路口(南京西路和太原路交叉口),再右轉並沿著太原路走 100 公尺,經過日新國小校門口時,注意對面的 PHILIPS 店面。我們就在 PHILIPS 店面的樓上五樓!


Please get off at Zhongshan Station (G14; R11) and go out from Exit 5. Turn right and keep going down to the second intersection (Nanjing West Road and Taiyuan Road), and then turn right and keep walking for 100 meters and find the PHILIPS shop, We are on the 5th floor!

Contact Play Design Hotel


If you are contacting in regard to cancellation, please note the Policy Regarding No-Show & Cancellation below.
  • Except for natural disasters or other majeure factors, all reservations are Non-Refundable.

  • Please contact within 24 hours of your reservation if you need to modify your booking.

  • If due to natural disasters or other majeure factors, with the relevant proof provided, we will refund the full amount of your payment; if due to personal factors, such as visa not issuing, private schedule changing, etc., we will not refund.

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