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MiniBle Q微氣泡產生器/MiniBle Q Microbubble Aerator

MiniBle 是地表最強的起波器,可使出來的水每c.c.充滿高達6億個微氣泡,且不需耗能,沒有耗材。MiniBle Q是全球最小的微氣泡起波器,搭載最新技術以及工藝級設計,提升人類日常生活品質。

MiniBle, the most powerful aerator technology that dispenses water by producing up to 6 hundred million microbubbles per millilitre with no chemical or energy usage. With modern technology and best mechanical design, the mightiest microbubble aerator, MiniBle, is strategically created to improve human life.



如果可以,我希望我們有一個共創、共享、共好的世界,持續改善生活中的小事,就能讓人感到幸福。2017年,和荷時際 (Herher Synergy Corporation, HerherS)公司,以友善環境、友善顧客、友善員工為核心,致力設計兼具「改善人類生活,同時保護環境」的產品,「透過有效的商業模式影響更多人投入三項友善的行列」。

We hope to build a create, shared, ​mutual benefit world, continuing to improve human life and thus make people feel the happiness.Established in 2017, Herher Synergy is an enterprise that is environmentally - friendly, customer - friendly, and employee - friendly, is experienced and has  professional personnel and  in R&D, and marketing team. ​Dedicating in designing products that "improve human life and protect environment." Through the effective business model, Herher Synergy has appealed people to join the three – friendly team.


規格/Specification:M22內牙+M24外牙/M22 Female & M24 Male

版本/Version:標準版/Bi-thread Version、轉向版/Swivel Version


1,380-2,580  TWD 

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