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Dolphin Eroticarium

顧廣毅  Kuang-Yi Ku

About Artist

Kuang-Yi Ku was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. He is currently based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and studying in Design Academy Eindhoven. He has graduated with double master degrees with dentistry from National Yang-Ming University and communication design from Shih Chien University. He is a practicing dentist, a new media artist and a social designer. He also co-founded TW BioArt (Taiwan bioart community) to stimulate the fields of BioArt and Science+Art in Taiwan. He has won the 1st prize of Taipei Digital Art Awards in 2015 with “The Fellatio Modification Project”, where he involves body modification, gender studies, queer theories, and dentistry all together. His work often deals with human body, sexuality, human-animal interaction and medical technology, aiming to investigate the relationships among technology, individual and environment.

顧廣毅於國立陽明大學牙醫學系與實踐大學媒體傳達設計學系取得雙碩士學位後,現就讀荷蘭安荷芬設計學院(Design Academy Eindhoven)的社會設計研究所(MA Social Design)。在多元背景的訓練之下,他的設計研究主要專注於人類身體、臨床醫學、性與動物的關係以及性別議題等相關主題。他試圖以「設計」作為一種研究工具,去探索當下社會 人類個體、科技與環境之間的複雜關係,他的作品多對於與「性」相關且具爭議性的議題提出批判性的思考,並透過設計作品的形式提供多種「性」化的未來想像,希望透過「設計」去產生一種對於「性」的新型態思考模式。

About Project

The core of all these activities is an attempt to boost dolphins’ pleasure, which is differentiated from the past ocean park model that makes dolphins perform for humans’ entertainment.

不同於其他的海洋主題樂園, 「海豚性樂園」是⼀個專⾨設計給海豚的遊樂園。

“Dolphin Eroticarium” is a large mobile vessel with an architectural space open to the sea, and it sails around the waters where dolphins are around for them to pass through freely. People could arrange a series of innovative dolphin watch eco-tours, including boat trips to the “Dolphin Eroticarium” to watch dolphins engage in sexual activities, interaction programs to help dolphins get pleasure, et cetera.

本園區是一個類似大型船隻且具移動性的海洋開放建築空間,我們主要會在海豚會出沒的海域進行移動, 海豚可以自由進出這個開放空間。而人類遊客則可以參與一個新型態的生態旅遊,搭船至「海豚性樂園」觀察海豚來園區遊玩的行為,同時也有機會與海豚互動,幫助海豚達到更多愉悅的可能性。本遊樂園試圖讓海豚與人類皆可在園區盡情享樂,不同於過往海豚表演服務人類 娛樂的海洋公園形式,我們藉由這個主題樂園,去達到一個人類與海豚和諧共處的雙贏局面。

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