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工具卡 / Tool Card

由 ZENLET 團隊設計的隨身工具卡,具有螺絲起子、六角扳手、開瓶器、尺等十餘種功能。材質做工毫不馬虎 ─以420不鏽鋼,經過 CNC 加工再表面熱處理製成 。大小僅與您的信用卡相同,可以收納於所有規格的Zenlet錢包或一般錢包中。

The Tool Card is more than a tool card you commonly find in the market. Equipped with at least 14 functions, the Tool Card is the forefront of innovation that it allows for the storage of your iPhone ejector tool with a simple push & click.







ZENLET unites people specified in fields of designing, engineering, marketing and visual communication. Each of us stands from a different point of view, yet we share the same enthusiasm and belief. 

Designers nowadays over-gratify customer expectations and disregard the power of simplicity. We believe simplicity stands for quality, friendly pricing, waste reduction and user-friendly designs. We ensure you these are the most important aspect to care about, and what we are strive to pursue.

So, how can we make it happen? We find the answer within the purity of ZEN philosophy.

We applied the spirit of ZEN into our core design style. Wishing by the help from ZEN philosophy, we can achieve the pureness of simplicity.

Now we set off the amazingness with only the essential designs. 


材質 / Materials:不鏽鋼420熱處理 / Stainless Steel 420 with heat treatment
尺寸 / Measurements:85 L x 54 W x 1 mm
功能 / Features:削皮刀、開瓶器、手機座、英吋尺規工具、公分尺規工具、退卡針收納空間、開罐器、割繩器、拆信刀、開封器、外六角螺絲起子 (M2、M3、M3.5、M4、M5、M6、M8) 、一字起子、十字起子 / Chisel 、Peeler、Bottle Opener、Can Opener、Carton Opener、Letter Knife、Twine Knife、Phone Stand、iPhone Eject Pin Storage、7-Position Wrench (M2、M3、M3.5、M4、M5、M6、M8)、Screw Driver、Centimeter Ruler、Inch Ruler


台灣設計與製造 / Designed and made in Taiwan
此商品內容物包括退卡針一枚 / One Tool Card and one 
Eject Pin included.


注意事項 / Notice
因各國海關安檢規定不同,建議進出海關時將Zenlet工具卡放置於托運行李。/ Due to different regulations among countries, we suggest you to pack Zenlet Tool Card in the check-in baggage.

黑 / Black 850  TWD 

銀 / Silver 790  TWD 

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