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「√」根號邊架全套組 / 「√」The Rack Bundle



「√ 」根號邊架,就是你理想的解決方案。


A desk organizer to sort your daily routine with spontaneity and with a style.
Are you constantly seeking ways to increase your productivity at work?
Before you say “yes”, take a look at your desk and wonder if any of the following ever occurred to you?
Do your power cords become tangled up with other objects or fall off your desk haphazardly?
Are you overwhelmed with the scattered papers and notes on your desk that you even cannot tell which task has been cleared and which one is still on the to-do-list?
Have you ever been distracted by a sudden errand while reading and cannot remember your place in a book after are you done with the errand?
If you have answered yes to any of these questions, or If you have been struggling with these daily scenarios, maybe it is time to declutter and organize your desk or workplace.

ZENLET The Rack, your ultimate solution.

It is not only a tool for organizing and decluttering but also an ideal desk companion to express 









ZENLET unites people specified in fields of designing, engineering, marketing and visual communication. Each of us stands from a different point of view, yet we share the same enthusiasm and belief. 

Designers nowadays over-gratify customer expectations and disregard the power of simplicity. We believe simplicity stands for quality, friendly pricing, waste reduction and user-friendly designs. We ensure you these are the most important aspect to care about, and what we are strive to pursue.

So, how can we make it happen? We find the answer within the purity of ZEN philosophy.

We applied the spirit of ZEN into our core design style. Wishing by the help from ZEN philosophy, we can achieve the pureness of simplicity.

Now we set off the amazingness with only the essential designs. 


內容物 / Package Includes:15吋根號邊架 *1 、萬用掛勾 *1、磁吸集線器 *1 / The Rack 15" *1 、The Hook *1、  Magnetic Cable Holder *1


​產品規格 / Product Specification

15吋根號邊架 / The Rack 15"
材質 / Material:Aluminum 5052
尺寸 / Dimension:L 280mm x W 200mm x D 50mm
重量 / Weight:547g
顏色 / Colors:太空灰、銀色、金色 / Space Grey、Silver、Gold
台灣設計與製造 / Designed and made in Taiwan

萬用掛勾 / The Hook
材質 / Material:Aluminum 5052
尺寸 / Dimension:L 12mm x W 27.8mm x D 17mm
顏色 / Colors:太空灰、
銀色、金色 / Space Grey、Silver、Gold
台灣設計與製造 / 
Designed and made in Taiwan

磁吸集線器 / Magnetic Cable Holder
材質 / Material:Aluminum5052, 釹鐵硼磁鐵(NdFeB magnet)
尺寸 / Dimension:H13.8mm x Ø35
顏色 / Colors:太空灰/銀色/金色
台灣設計與製造 / 
Designed and made in Taiwan

2,550  TWD 

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