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「豆腐人 x 路力」Punch 冰淇淋杯

此為知名日本插畫角色品牌「豆腐人」與台灣設計品牌「路力家器具」的全球限量聯名款(全球僅製作 300 個)。


Punch 杯誕生自台灣的陶瓷重鎮鶯歌的窯廠,路力的設計師與窯燒師傅研發試錯多時,在1200度高溫燒製上釉,伴隨旋轉手工敲打出的杯紋,呈現台灣精湛的工藝手感及故事。


豆腐人在 2017 年 4 月來台開展豆腐人飲料店,相中「路力家器具」的 Punch 杯,供店內顧客使用。豆腐人插畫師 Hsin 並特別以手繪方式創作豆腐人吃冰淇淋的聯名圖案,以花紙製程貼附於 Punch 杯面,圖像結合天然質樸的手感陶土,讓精緻的工藝製品多了一番趣味性和親切感。


The creator of Punch uses the traditional clay that was normally used in the retro Taiwan life. The wavy texture is the mark of hand-punching before drying. The light finishing comes from the chemical action between natural oxidized mineral and the clay that makes each item one of a kind. 


* This one is the limited edition in collaboration with Japan-based illustration brand TOFU Oyako.


Material: stoneware

Finishing: Natural non-toxic glaze

Dimension: Dia.8.5x H8cm

SGS certified.

Microwave-, dishwasher-, oven-safe, not for direct fire.

990 TWD 

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