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A3海報夾 / Poster Frame



The ANTOU poster frame adds on some additional self-expression bonus to one’s poster collection. The quick-release fitting made changing display topic straightforward and simple. The anodized aluminium frame and leather sling are settled and modest material to applaud each and every one of the unique poster collection.




岸頭計畫開始於2017年,我們是工廠師傅、設計師和做夢的人。  對自己的領域有所熱愛,希望運用各自的專長,合作創造一些自己真心喜歡的東西。品牌有所將近四十年產業經驗的金屬加工廠與關係夥伴一直在背後支持著,讓這一切可以順利從構想實現到產品。我們在乎物件的品質同時也重視生活中的實用性,有細節亦有想法是我們理想中品牌的樣貌。 

The ANTOU project started in late 2017. We are artisans, designers, and dreamers.   

We love what we do, and we work together to build up a product universe of our own that we simply appreciate. The team manages to deliver smoothly from concepts to products due to the great support from ANTOU’s metalware factory that has been in the business for almost 40 years. We have a strong focus on aesthetics and details and also how the product functions in reality. 


尺寸 / Size:12 * 322 * 12 mm / 212g
材質 / Material :鋁合金 / Anodized aluminium

980  TWD 

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