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人家概念-時光機16號 情境
人家概念-時光機16號 白曲面01
人家概念-時光機16號 白曲面02
人家概念-時光機16號 白曲面酸蝕02
人家概念-時光機16號 灰曲面01
人家概念-時光機16號 灰曲面02
人家概念-時光機16號 灰曲面酸蝕01
人家概念-時光機16號 白鑽石01
人家概念-時光機16號 白鑽石02
人家概念-時光機16號 背面01
人家概念-時光機16號 背面02
人家概念-時光機16號 背面03

時光機 16 號 - 壁掛時計 / Origami Clock ( HC16TM ) 

2017 台灣金點設計獎




時鐘背面為環保材質 EPE,同時也是緩衝包材的一部分,並設置有水平儀方便標記牆面螺絲位置。


Like the hour and minute of the digital clock that placed in the left and right independently.
The two hands will present interesting combinations at different times.
Using special prescription of dicalcium silicate for creating a relief clock face.
The twelve graduation lines that radiate from the two axes independently that interlaces and creates unique effects of light and shadow.




HOMER CONCEPT 人家概念 重視材料的本質與人類造物的精神,專注發展有趣、自然與持久耐用的產品。人與家的概念,來自家與人的關係;物件、建築與人組成家的表象,實質意義則由三者之間的關係產生。



物品的價值來自金錢價格之外的時間與情感的堆積,當物品一直存有功能、情感與風格,便不會成為被棄置的垃圾,我們稱之為「藝術環保  Art-Eco」。 


As the world tackles sustainable development challenges, companies are increasingly being judged on what they are doing to take on ecological, social and economic responsibilities. Our goal at HOMER CONCEPT has always been making things as simple, useful, relevant as possible, and more importantly fun! As Gandhi once said: “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed”. Product longevity is central to our brand's contribution to sustainable development. We believe, with efficient use of quality materials and fine craftsmanship, where both functionality and style are fulfilled meaningfully, the final products will be relevant, durable, used and cherished, we call them "Art-Eco". 


HOMER CONCEPT does not see sustainability as a duty forced upon us, but an aspect of design that has always been part of the company’s industrial culture. HOMER CONCEPT CO., a furniture and commodity design company, since 2011, dedicated to developing healthy, natural, inspiring and durable solutions for living, for Earth.


材質/Material:水泥、石英砂、塑膠、鋁、銅、鐵、發泡性聚乙烯 / Concrete, Quartz Sand, Beech
尺寸/Size:36 x 25 x 3 ± 0.5 cm
重量/Weight:1.35 ± 0.3 kg
顏色/Surface:白、灰 / White、Grey
樣式/Surface:曲面、鑽石切面、曲面酸蝕、鑽石切面酸蝕 / Curve、Diamond、Curve +Acid、Diamond + Acid 
產地/Manufacturer:台灣 / Made in Taiwan

2,990  TWD

酸蝕款/Acid 3,290 TWD 

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