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Mini筊-磁鐵  / Mini Bei with magnet



Listen to your heart. 

You can hold the Jiaobei in pairs and throw to answer a yes or no question. 

Always following your heart is the best way to go. 









Taiwan’s wood industry reached its golden era in the 1980s. Thus, many traditional wood factories gather in the center part of Taiwan because of the rich resources of timberland. However, as the rise of China’s market, many factories moved to China for processing to reduce the cost. Taiwan’s carpentry industry gradually fell down. 
However, a pair of siblings came from Houli, Taichung, decided to inherit their father’s 29 years’ carpenters craftsmanship and pass down the passion toward the love for cherish the wood. They add new elements like new designs, funs, and interests to the wood handicrafts and develop a series of creational wooden stationery, toys, designed lamp, home goods, and daily goods. They also started many DIY courses for people to participate in carpentry works. This has not only turned this sunset industry around, but also pass down the wood works and let the log to enrich our life. 
These years, the planet’s natural environment is getting worse. To reach the production of green supply chain, Carpenters chooses the FSC sustainable forests’ log for processing. All the products are designed and made in Taiwan. Carpenter also provide job offer for the locals and take part in charitable events. Through these activities, Carpenter wish they can gradually get close to the vision of a sustainable entrepreneur that is helpful for the human society and the environment.   


尺寸 / Size:40 x 20 x 10 mm (單個) / 13g
材質 / Material :紅壇、磁鐵

179  TWD 

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