MIN660 實木藍芽音響 / MIN660 Wooden Wireless Speakers



台灣手工製作 /  平穩而具深度的簡約風格 、 五種木頭 五種風格 搭配

擁有32年經驗的木工師傅 阿成 負責製作音箱,MIN660由Minfort團隊親自組裝測試包裝,採用12mm真正的實木拼板。只有實木材能夠展現的質感是我們愛用的元素,深愛有條紋的實木,不是單一的木紋,利用多塊實木接合而成,設定2~3公分的寬度,呈現出不規則層次感,每一台都獨一無二。


獨立可調式重低音 / 反射式音箱

MIN660 為反射式音箱設計,低頻有力度、瞬態好、反應迅速,另外有一個獨立旋鈕可控制5.25吋的低音喇叭,滿足使用者對各種不同音樂的喜好。

左右聲道和重低音都為獨立音室,用密集板隔開,使聲音更清晰不互相干擾;底部重低音,向下擴散出360度的低音效果。三音室分隔出 2.1 聲道。


The MIN660 is designed to be used as your primary indoor speaker. Hi-Fi quality, powerful sound that is convenient, flexible, and beautiful in virtually any indoor space.


The MIN660 has 3 distinct sound chambers designed to reduce interference of sound between the main speakers and subwoofer. By reducing the interference, the sound is remarkably clear while distortion is minimized even at high volume. You’ll have to hear it to believe it.


The subwoofer is located at the bottom of the speaker which is elevated from the underlying surface by gold-plated pyramid feet providing stability and clarity of low-frequency tones and a stylish accent to the design.


The reflex speed of the speakers is paramount for powerful bass that doesn’t distort or reverberate. To ensure tight and punchy bass, the MIN660 has a reflex enclosure which allows for a quicker, more precise, powerful output.







Co-founded in 2013 by Travis Liu and William Chen, the Minfort team is made up of a group of carpentry, design, engineering, and audio professionals based in Taipei, Taiwan. The Minfort design language is inspired by the 1970s, and nods to the music culture and the earthy tones of the interior design of the era. Fusing retro aesthetics with top quality engineering and sound quality, Minfort’s design gives music lovers the best of both worlds.


材質 / Material : 12mm wooden panel (oak/teak/walnut/padauk)

尺寸 / Size : 33.5 x 25 x 13 公分 / 13.1 x 5.1 x 9.8 inch

重量 / Weight : 5 公斤 / 5 kg

細節 / Details : 1吋高音 x 2 ; 3吋中音 x 2 ; 5.25吋重低音 x 1 ; 藍芽 4.2 ; 3.5mm 音訊輸入 x 1 ; 3.5mm 音訊輸出 x 1 ; USB 播放 ; 最大功率40瓦 ; 頻響 : 45Hz ~ 20K / 2 x Tweeter 1” 6Ω ; 2 x woofer 3” 4Ω ; Subwoofer 5.25” 4Ω - active subwoofer ; 40 watts amplifier | 10W x 2 + 20W x 1 ; Bluetooth 4.2 version ; USB player / flac, wav, mp3 files ; Line in and out.

內容 / Content:100~240V 變壓器、天線、4個鍍金角錐組 / 100~240V Power Supply

寄送至台灣 : 16,380 TWD 

International Shipping : 599 USD