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Roc LED曲木壁燈 / Roc LED Wall Lamp




的各種面向,白天、夜晚、開燈、熄燈...。META與設計師Kenyon Yeh聯手推出2020

年度新品「Roc LED壁燈」,簡單的造型設計,以曲木技術彎折出輕盈的量體,使燈體




Light is the reason that lamps and lanterns find their meaning of existence.


As lamp bears the light, we should think about different aspects of light

before designing the lamp: during the day, during the night, while it’s on

and while it’s off.


META launches a new product, “Roc LED wall lamp”, with the co-effort of the

designer Kenyon Yeh, which is our Product of the Year 2020. With a simple

shape, and a light structure made by the bentwood technology, this lamp

creates a penetrating three-dimensional space. When turned off, Roc is a

straightforward and light space device. When it’s on, the change of light

and shadow shows a picture of birds spreading their wings, which adds a

vivid atmosphere to the space between virtuality and reality.


關於META Design:












We are a group of craftsmen, making lights in the mountain.


Leaving the bustle of the outside world, we choose to stay near the mountain in Tamsui.

Trying to find a philosophical and introspective viewpoint, we keep thinking about what we want to do.

Trying to construct the value of existence in the world, we make ourselves do what we can do.

Through an interpretation of the materials and the light, we express what we are devoting to do.


We are a group of craftsmen, making lights in the mountain.


We create lamps and fixtures, and we concern the light and the value of existence.


型號 / Model:DG012

款式 / Style:山毛櫸、黑胡桃 / Beech, Walnut

材質 / Materials:天然實木皮、銅 / Wood veneer, Brass

塗裝 / Coating:德國天然護木油 / Oil

尺寸 / Dimensions:L15 W10 H19.5 cm

光源 / Light Source:3W LED

色溫 / Color Temperature:2700K

額定電壓 / Working Voltage:16VDC

6,750  TWD 

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