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搖滾卡帶金屬 名片盒/菸盒/鈔票夾/錢夾

Cassette Card / CigaretteCase / MoneyClip


多功能 可做「名片盒/鈔票夾/卡夾/菸盒」使用

派對 音樂 禮物交換 最佳創意商品

超輕金屬霧面烤漆 耐用隨身好攜帶

創意x音樂 隨處融入生活


Gifts For Music Lovers .  Meaningful products to the music fanatic in you.


The rock spirit is hidden in your backpack.

When you hand over your business card, let them know that you are a passionate rocker!

Want to install cigarettes? Of course there are also types.


Multifunctional can be used as "business card holder/money holder/card holder/cigarette case" Party Music Gift Exchange Best Creative Goods Ultra-light metal matte paint, durable and easy to carry Creativity x music into life everywhere.



關於Headphone Design 耳機狗設計:


HHeadphoneDog耳機狗 起源自對設計和音樂的熱愛







「用設計 將音樂帶入生活」


設計領域涵蓋 音樂創意商品/ 居家用品、專輯/演唱會週邊商品設計、




The establishment of HeadphoneDog originates from our passion for design and music. To us, music is an emotion outlet, which is indispensable like oxygen. As for design, it is a medium to express our style and transform our ideas into reality. We use practical designs to add fun in daily life, making everyone’s life have stronger connections to music. We aim to use our design to attract every music-lover.


HeadphoneDog is the best music design brand in Taiwan. With the spirit of “Bringing music to life with designs,” our team keeps refining our products to redefine the relationships between music and art. Our designs include: music creative products/ household goods, album/concert tie-up products, design/curation of music spaces, customized gift for companies, and customized event products.


顏色 / Color:01.彩色 02. 酷紅白 03. 肖光黑款 / 01.color

尺寸 / Size:10 x 6.5 x 1.7 cm

包裝 / Package Size : 11 x 15 x 2 cm,透明opp袋+酷卡 / opp bag + post card

材質 / Material:超輕合金烤漆 / Metal, Alloy

設計 / Design:Taiwan 台灣

499  TWD 

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