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幸福青鳥壁掛 / WALL HANGER


在中國文學中,常用「比翼鳥」象徵幸福的一對璧人,另西方亦以「Love Birds」形容沉浸在愛情裡的甜蜜伴侶;而法國童話「青鳥」則是描述了一對窮困小兄妹千辛萬苦尋得了象徵幸福的青鳥,卻將之慷慨送給重病鄰居的溫馨故事。



Wall hanger and coat racks present themselves in two different forms. With or without stuffs hanging. Our goal is to enhance the presence of them regardless of either status.



“Dilio is a word nerds use when they want to say hi in a cool way.” 

Dilio follows the guiding principle of fulfilling our daily needs with designs. Merely designs that are understandable and usable, we also want to bring excitement, pleasure, fun, humor, and essentially, beauty to enhance these daily experiences with our products.

Dilio uses concrete as our main medium. It has the ability and freedom to be shaped into complex forms when it “comes alive” with water, at the same time, giving every cast its own identity through its passage from liquid to solid. The aesthetic and atmospheric qualities of concrete are also not just about shape-making. The feel of the material, the light and shadow of the surface, its diversity of textures which it offers can easily bring focus to a design’s form and function.

Dilio was founded in 2013 in the city of Taipei. We are fully engaged throughout the development and every process. We design, develop and manufacture our products with passion and affliction. We believe that every detail we focus on from scratch is ultimately the building blocks of the design as a whole. We observe and stay curious in all aspects constantly to gather creative and innovative ideas forward.


尺寸 / Size:19.8 x 7 x 3.5 cm
材質 / Material :水泥,樹脂/ CONCRETE / SYNTHETIC RESIN
款式 / Style:細木紋/ FINE, 粗木紋/ ROUGH

重量 / Weight:700 g

980 TWD / one

 1,900 TWD / pair

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