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經典威登傘 - 楓木直傘 / CLASSIC WOODEN

  • 業界唯一奈米超撥水技術,一甩瞬乾!

  • 一體成型式楓木中棒,展現簡約美學

  • 採320T紗支數,所紡成的「超細纖維布」,防水、高抗陽

  • SGS符合澳洲標準UPF50+,UV透過率為0%。

  • 強化FRP玻璃纖維傘骨,堅韌抗強風

Nano tech water resistant

Integral shaft and handle. Made of maple.

Pick count: 320T. Made of ultrafine fiber.

Australia Standard SGS UPF50+. UV Penetration rate 0%

Fiber re-inforced. Wind resistant upgraded.



關於 德克斯:




“DECUS”, a Latin word, means Glory, Splendor, and Excellency. This is what we made – Taiwanese Classical Umbrella Culture. With 38 years persistency in hand made skills, withhold of the carry-on technology and creative spirit, we developed our own umbrella style. It’s unique and un-exceed. 38 years we stand for you a weather shield.


“Precision technology demonstrates people’s esthetics taste.”

We consider it important technology in production; and we value the esthetics presentation of the umbrella view in whole. We keep this conviction in mind all the times; from the original design to umbrella frame to colors matching and patterns selection for umbrella cover; every detail, every part, we treat them as an art work. We make umbrella with ”perfection-pursuit” heart and spirit. This enriches the unique temperament of “DECUS”.


尺寸 / Size:23英吋X8k手動開收 (展開:傘面寬103cm、 長度:90cm ) / 23 inches x 8k  ,manual open (Span when open :103cm , Lenth: 90cm  )

重量 / Weight:440g /440g(approx..)

材質 / Material :320T-100%Polyester/台灣福懋生產 / construction: 320T – 100%Polyester
款式 / Style:黛麗黑 / Black

內容物 / Content:威登木直傘、傘套 / Maple Stick Umbrella and umbrella case

保固 / Warranty:一年 /  1 year

 2,180 TWD 

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