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咕咕鐘 - 樹幹 / Cuckoo ​Clock - Tree

我們都喜歡咕咕鐘整點時的驚喜,但是傳統的咕咕鐘都只有一隻鳥兒勤奮的報時,讓我們不免覺得有些孤單,haoshi design 以兩隻鳥兒整點會面的方式,讓報時的她有個伴,時間多些甜蜜與期盼。此款咕咕鐘的報時為悅耳的自然鳥鳴聲,所以每到整點就像兩隻鳥兒會面聊天。


We all like the surprise when the cuckoo clock strikes on each hour. In traditional models, cuckoo clocks have only one diligent bird to tell time, which in our opinion is a little lonely. haoshi designs cuckoo clock comes with two birds, meeting on each hour, so they can keep each other company. Each hour, two birds will meet and chat with natural birdsong. 


材質 / Material : 樹脂、塑料
尺寸 / Size:

家 / House : 11.3 (W) x 20 (D) x 32 (H) cm
鳥 / Bird : 6 (W) x 6.5 (D) x 7 (H ) cm

 5,580 TWD

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