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C ROPE Stone

C ROPE桌几為延續C LINE系列設計概念的大尺寸款,適合與C LINE桌几一高一低的搭配擺設。

帶著具線條張力的桌腳,以捆紮手法形塑獨特美感。可輕易於各種空間搭配的C ROPE,稍作裝飾、或放著雜誌與咖啡,或者空著桌面僅是靜靜擺放,讓生活、工作更多點方便,空間細節多一點。



Line side table’s legs are expressions of linear tension, where bundling technique is used to shape the aesthetics.

C ROPE is convenient to all kinds of space. With a little decoration or just magazines and coffee on the table. Or just simply leave it clean which brings our life and work more convenient and also brings us more space detail.

Apply tiny irregularly positioned tesserae on the table top makes it exquisite and unheavy, whereas terrazzo surface conjures unique cultural memory of life in Taiwan. Combined with sharp metal legs which set off simple and mild space. Stone series is best for design enthusiast who loves unique, composite material and cold touches feeling.

How many furnishings do we need for a room? Utilize C ROPE Stone to strongly build an outstanding style in humanities and cultures.




CORE 成立於2018年底,主理設計師具備建築與室內設計背景,我們認為好的生活配件中除了外觀,更必須思考耐用、容易保養,因此選定「白鐵」(不銹鋼)為主要材質,白鐵也是無毒無害、可完全回收的綠色材料。

CORE was founded in late 2018.
The principal designer has architecture and interior design backgrounds.We believe good living furniture and decorations are not just its looks but also should be considered its durability and should be easy to maintain. 

Thus, we choose stainless steel as primary material. Stainless steel is also non-toxic and fully recyclable material which provide consumers who value lifestyle more options on stylish homeware.

We also expect through the integration of design and old ironworks transformation would bring us closer from local stories to living necessities.


材質 / Material :白鐵, 磁磚 / Stainless steel, Tiles
款式 / Style:Beige, Black, Smoky Wite, Gray

尺寸 / Size:80 (ø) x 35 (H) cm

23,800  TWD 

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