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軟泥置物盤以延伸為設計概念,最大化的表現材質獨特紋路、柔軟、止滑的特色。 適用於不同生活物件,提供放置眼鏡、手機、文具、名片、飾品等之最佳尺寸。

“Extension” is a design concept of CELEMENT TRAY. It presents three key features of tray, including unique texture, soft touching, and slip resistance.

CELEMENT TRAY is suitable for your living gadgets. It provides a perfect fit for placing your glasses, cellphones, stationery, business cards, accessories and etc.



關於 軟水泥生活實驗室:




獨家研發軟水泥材質 CELEMENT,顛覆視覺與觸覺的既定印象,探索獨特又實用的設計,軟水泥產品不只美,更多了份驚喜與貼心,產品包含傢俱、文具及手工配件類。

The CELEMENT LAB makes the aesthetics of conflict for the daily supplies.


We represent the new concept and material as lifestyle, which gives experience and objects a new perspective with humor and function.


尺寸 / Size:17 x 10.6 x 1 cm /  120g
材質 / Material :軟水泥混合物 / CELEMENT
款式 / Style:經典軟水泥 / 大理石軟泥 / 綠紋石軟泥 / 黑紋石軟泥 / classic celement / marble celement / green marble / black marble

  450 TWD 

 18 USD 

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