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銀河 / Galaxy

劉軒慈 / Atelier Liu Hsuantzu


許多物件中最具功能性或關鍵性的部位,常常因為安全或美觀被掩蓋,設計師嘗試重新設計物件本身,將那些被隱藏的功能件,從配角變成主角,讓人重新正視他們的價值與功能。將LED結合銅線蕾絲編織,讓原始功能件- LED與銅線,變成燈具主角。


Using the most functional parts in a lamp- which are LED and copper wires, as the main character in Galaxy Lamp. Combining traditional bobbin lace making with copper wires to complete the circuit. (Customized for Play Design Hotel.) 


材質 / Material:LED, copper wires, ABS

尺寸 / Size:100 x 270 cm

重量 / Weight:500 g

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