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質木杯 (小) / ZhìMù Cup


With straight line, clear shape and its thin edge, the ZhìMù Cup immediately attracts attention.  Considering the volume of a cup, the ease to hold and the ratio of the height and diameter, the artisan crafted each wood cup meticulously.The coating material meets the Japanese law of food safety, waterproof, resistant to weak acid, base, 90 degrees Celsius water and 15% of alcoholic beverage. Use soft sponge to clean the cup to avoid damage to the coating. Dry the cup in the shade after cleansing and do not dry it in the dish dryer.


材質 / Material:楓木、胡桃木/Maple, Walnut 

尺寸 / Size:74 x 60 mm

1,250 TWD

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