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質木杯 / ZhìMù Cup

質木製作 / zhimu

利落的線條及 1mm 薄的杯緣,質木杯考慮了杯子的容量、手握的舒適度及杯身的比例,經多次調整以手工製作出來。木器使用通過日本食品安全法的塗料,完全防水、耐熱水及弱酸鹼、15% 以下酒精。產品洗滌時,因為表面漆料不耐硬物磨損,請用柔軟的刷物清潔。清洗完畢放在通風處陰乾、勿放到洗碗機烘乾。

With straight line, clear shape and its thin edge, the ZhìMù Cup immediately attracts attention.  Considering the volume of a cup, the ease to hold and the ratio of the height and diameter, the artisan crafted each wood cup meticulously.The coating material meets the Japanese law of food safety, waterproof, resistant to weak acid, base, 90 degrees Celsius water and 15% of alcoholic beverage. Use soft sponge to clean the cup to avoid damage to the coating. Dry the cup in the shade after cleansing and do not dry it in the dish dryer.  


尺寸 / Size:12 x 7.4 x 6 cm

材質 / Material:楓木、胡桃木、櫻桃木 / maple, walnut, cherry wood

 1,850 TWD

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