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Zenlet 2 / Zenlet 2 行動錢包


Zenlet 2 功能更全面
兼顧感應便利性與RFID安全防護,這項特色在Zenlet 2將更加優化。


Top Reasons Why
You Should Have a Zenlet Wallet.

Slim-Size of a credit card with no compartments. Fit in regular pockets perfrctly
Intuitive-Just one slide open and the cards will fan out neatly.
Safe-RFID-secured, splash-proof,&full surface coverage.

Zenlet 2 The Wallet For You
Zenlet 2 is a perfect combination of convenience and RFID safety.








ZENLET unites people specified in fields of designing, engineering, marketing and visual communication. Each of us stands from a different point of view, yet we share the same enthusiasm and belief. 

Designers nowadays over-gratify customer expectations and disregard the power of simplicity. We believe simplicity stands for quality, friendly pricing, waste reduction and user-friendly designs. We ensure you these are the most important aspect to care about, and what we are strive to pursue.

So, how can we make it happen? We find the answer within the purity of ZEN philosophy.

We applied the spirit of ZEN into our core design style. Wishing by the help from ZEN philosophy, we can achieve the pureness of simplicity.

Now we set off the amazingness with only the essential designs. 


材質 / Materials:Aluminum 6061- T6, PC塑膠 , Stainless 301 / Aluminum 6061- T6, PC, Stainless 301
尺寸 / Measurements: 98 L x 63 W x 11 mm

重量 / Weight:45 g

容量 / Capacity: 8 張平面卡片或是5張凸字卡片。若要額外攜帶鈔票或名片,請斟酌減少卡片的數量。/ 8 Flat Cards or 5 Embossed Cards

台灣設計與製造 / Designed and made in Taiwan

全球一年保固服務 / One-year worldwide warranty

Zenlet 2 系列另有多種材質、顏色、款式,詳情請見Zenlet官網說明。

There are diverse styles & colors for the Zenlet 2 series, please visit Zenlet official website for more information.


Zenlet 2 series:2,700 - 3,850 TWD

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