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艾克司歪 / XY

艾克司歪 / XY

喜的精品燈飾 / 陳昭成;SEEDDESIGN / Chen, Chao Cheng 

XY 軸是圖學的基準,所有的產品需要依循這個基準才得以完成。當所有的表象回到基本面,才足以窺探事務的細節與本質。XY 以鋁合金構成,經過精抽、切角、端面拋光、氬焊、銅焊、校正等直到噴塗,超過十道工序只為了呈現極簡精神。LED 光源讓您在使用它時,少了對能源浪費的擔心,只管盡情享受閱讀、工作、陪伴家人以及生活的樂趣。


The graphic of product is founded on the X-Y axis. Which people go further to create and accomplish the ubiquitous products. XY is created on the basic element with precise mechanical workmanship which is taken pride in Seeddesign. It looks simple yet needs much more concentration with higher mechanical technology to make the horizontal line horizontal while vertical ones vertical. LED is used which you do not need to worry about waste of energy. Just enjoy your work, reading, and life under XY!

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