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美好燈箱 / Wonderful lightbox

美好燈箱 / Wonderful lightbox

光印樣 /  Lighto



Lighto- is a brilliant light box which will light up your life, crystalize works of art and  become a permanent bright spot in your home. No matter if it's on your wall, set on a shelf, table or on your bedside drawer,  day or night, you can always enjoy the warm glow and inspired atmosphere-changing power of this light box. With its special, crystalized light picture and photo swapping design, everyone can easily put up their favorite photographs.



材質 / Material: 山毛櫸、台灣相思木、LED平板燈套件、防撥水背板 /logs of beech and Taiwan arcacia wood, LED flat light set, water-resistant back panel

寸 / Size:29 x 29 x 6 cm 

照片尺寸 / Image measurements:27 x 27 cm

電壓 / Voltage:110V ( can be customized to 220V)

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