Whims LED床頭閱讀燈LED Bed Reading Lamp


Whims is a LED lamp designed for bed reading. Since LED gives focus light, Whims provides the reader great illumination that won’t disturb a partner. With freely adjustable gooseneck tube, no matter what reading posture you take or where you read, Whims can meet your need.


顏色 / Color: 胡桃木, 白橡木, 拼木版 / Walnut, White Oak, Mix Wood

光源 / Light: 1.2W暖白光LED / 1.2W warm white LED

電壓 / Voltage: 5V

功能 / Functions: 三段式觸摸調光(30%, 70%, 100%) / 30%, 70%, 100% touch dimming

保固時間 / Warranty period: 2年 / 2 years warranty

3,580 TWD