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太空漫步 / Trinity

太空漫步 / Trinity

卓玉設計 / Xcellent Lighting

想像以光速在宇宙間穿梭,那我們所看、所聽、所聞將會如何的崩解,信仰是否依存。 卓玉設計以三片燈組成太空梭向未知探索,正如我們在光的世界裡不停摸索其美妙之處。


Space shuttle shaped table lamp Trinity is more than a lamp. Combined by three individual pieces creates a luminous sculpture, a presence as much at home beside sofa as on another piece of furniture. The elegance stays either on or off.


2014 金點設計獎


材質 / Meterial : 導光板, 鋁, 塑膠

尺寸 / Size : 35.7 x 68.4 x 11.6 cm

燈泡 / Light Source : 54 LED Chip 3000K CRI85 19W

輸入電壓 / Input : 90-240 V

 16,800 TWD

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