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Trash.know 抽取式垃圾桶 / Trash.know

Trash.know 抽取式垃圾桶 / Trash.know Trash Can

許多人都擁有使用垃圾桶的負面經驗,而 Trash .Know 設計的目的在於改善過去使用垃圾桶的負面感受,並希望透過塑料的獨特性顛覆以往垃圾桶的造型,創造優美的桶身曲線並提升便利性。只要將一般常見的垃圾袋捲裝於內建的垃圾袋捲空槽就可以輕鬆更換新舊袋。


The name derives from the similarities between the phrase “trash can” (“le se tong” in Chinese) and “trash know” (“le se dong” in Chinese), making it a bit of a double entendre. The design inspiration of Trash Know came from generally negative experiences with using trash cans and their subpar image with the environment. We have improved the structure of trash cans and incorporated a model’s curves, and introduced garbage bag rollers at the bottom of the trash can, so that garbage bags can be replaced by pulling them out. Thus, the trash can is not only a convenient everyday necessity; it can also be a lifestyle artistic item.


材質 / Material : 塑膠 / plastic

尺寸 / Size : 29.5 (W) x 29.5 (D) x 37.5 (H) cm

重量 / Weight : 1.36 kg
容量 / capacity : 12 L

1,280  TWD

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