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經典系列 - 長凳、邊桌、立燈 / Classic Collection - Bench, Side Table, Floor Lamp

​鐵窗印象/ Tracery of Taiwan


Taiwanese tracery has pictured the unique native culture of Taiwan. With the diversity of the pattern, it frames out the characteristic street views in the city. The team aims to bring the tracery aesthetic and memories into people’s life by adopting the traditional technique of bending metal into the modern furniture design, in a meanwhile, explore the creativity and opportunities of this remarkable metal craft which is about to fade away.




Beck Wang, Hsinyu Du, Tula Lai
Three passionate designers met at Tatung University, where they all studied Industrial Design at. The team dedicated themselves to giving greater value to a cultural and historical heritage through the design approach.


款式 / Style;尺寸 / Size:

經典系列 - 椅凳 / Classic Collection - Bench;160*40*H50 cm

經典系列 - 邊桌/  Classic Collection - Side Table;43*43*H56 cm

經典系列 - 立燈/  Classic Collection - Floor Lamp;40*40*H160 cm

(備註 / Note:訂製品,如欲購買請洽

( Customized requirement please contact or for further information.)

椅凳 Blench 58800 TWD

邊桌 Side Table 22800 TWD

立燈 Floor Lamp 

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