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跳出框框 情境桌燈 / Think out of the box 


抽離僵硬的框架,就會看見一個全新的世界等著您去探險;丟掉牢籠,就能釋放無限潛力、重見光明。燈體本身的設計就像個框框,主角 Max 雙手高舉著燈光緩緩的由框中跳出,提醒著您跳出固有的想法才能開創新局。


Detached from the stiff frame, you will see a whole new world waiting for you to explore; throw out the cage, you can release the unlimited potential. Light body itself is designed like a frame, Max is holding up his hands out of the box, reminding you to begin thinking outside the box. 


材質 / Material:鋁合金 / 壓克力 

尺寸 / Size:7.5 x 7.5 x 36 cm
重量 / Weight:0.9 kg
瓦數 / Wattage:2.2 w
燈色 / Lighting:LED 環保自然白
電壓 / Voltage:100 - 240 V / AC


 3,240 TWD

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