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唯V餐椅 / The V

樂闊 / viithe

兩側的倒 V 椅腳流利的由上而下伸展,使整張椅子如時尚精品 Model 般的優雅傲人。椅背採海灣式設計,流暢的圓弧讓靠背與扶手融為一體,內含高密度泡棉的皮面椅墊,則讓你在滿足視覺享受的同時,也能擁有絕美的坐感。


The upside-down V on the two side of the chair makes the work like a elegant model on the cat walk. The smooth winding seat back connected to the hand rest, and the high density sponge under the leather seat satisfy you not only the visual impression but also the sitting comfortability.  


材質 / Material : 北美梣木 / Ash

塗料 / Coating : 歐洲天然植物塗料 / Natural Herbal Oil from Europe

尺寸 / Size : 50 (W) x 57.3 (D) x 76 (H) cm , 42(SH) cm

 11,000 TWD

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