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麋鹿雙層杯 / The Deer CUP


可愛的鹿角輕輕甩一甩,把雪花灑落滿地,再捏捏紅鼻子,讓我們一起過聖誕!睽違兩年之久,好玻GOODGLAS 今年推出聖誕系列全新商品,可愛俏皮的麋鹿,化身餐桌實用的雙層玻璃杯,手工製作搭配精巧立體鹿角,呆萌表情將化身成聖誕精靈,迷倒眾人!


A carefully selected present is like the warm candlelight that ignites the cold winter night and makes our hearts closer together. 

Simple and clear, the Deer double layered glass is handcrafted by professionals with exclusive techniques to allow the romantic snowflakes between the layers to randomly flow around. When placed upside down, it becomes a lovely decor on the table. It is a nice present for someone you like. Shake gently for a few seconds and let the snowflakes flow around!



關於好玻 / Good Glas


『好玻 GOODGLAS』是由台灣工藝品牌『紅琉璃』推出的生活品牌,以台灣原創、趣味與繽紛色彩的玻璃器皿,融入居家生活當中,『好玻 GOODGLAS』優異的雙層玻璃杯手工製作品質,更受到Maserati、VOGUE、雲門、星巴克等知名品牌喜愛,成為指定合作對象,推出多款造型雙層杯也在網路造成搶購風潮,因此被評為「造型雙層玻璃工藝」領導品牌,以高難度造型玻璃工藝搭配台灣原創設計,展現創意的生活品味。


『好玻 GOODGLAS』推出的雙層杯系列,最大的特色是熱飲不燙手、冷飲不凝結水滴防止桌面留下水漬,使用耐高溫玻璃材質搭配可愛造型手工製作,耐熱到高溫120度的特性,方便直接沖泡熱水,裝冰塊時也能減緩融化的速度,重量上也較一般傳統玻璃杯輕巧、好握拿,是你不可或缺的療育小夥伴。






Launched by Red Liuli, a craft brand in Taiwan, “GOODGLAS” glass products integrate your daily life with originality, fun, and bright colors. Favored by the renowned brand names such as Maserati, VOGUE, Cloud Gate, and Starbucks, we have become their cooperation partners under assignment to launch the unique double layered handcrafted glasses with various styles which has resulted in a thrill on the Internet and regarded after evaluation as the leading brand of “stylish  double layered glass craft” by presenting innovative life tastes with high difficulty of glass craft designs of Taiwan originality.


The most important feature of the double-layered glasses by GOODGLAS is burn proof for hot drinks and drip proof from sweat for cold drinks to prevent water stains on the table. High-temperature resistant glass materials are used to create cute designs for handcrafted glasses with heat resistance up to 120°C, easy to make hot drinks and slows down the ice to melt for cold drinks. The double-layered glasses are lighter than the traditional ones, easier to hold and a must have tiny partner to make your day.


Material: Borosilicate glass
Thermal Resistance Temperature
-20°C- 120°C / -4°F - 248 °F

・Do not store in the refrigerator.
・Do not put in the microwave oven, conventional oven, or dishwasher. 
・Hand wash only. Use neutral detergent with the sponge or soft cleaning material if needed.
・This product is fragile and adult supervision is recommended when used by children.



尺寸 / Size:9*9*9 cm (220ml)
材質 / Material :手工硼玻璃杯,耐熱至120度℃,內杯為琥珀色
款式 / Style:麋鹿造型

690  TWD 

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