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餅乾板凳 / The Flavor of Memory



Utilizing wood’s beautiful natural color that is similar as delicious cookies’, even’s cookie stool ‘The Flavor of Memory’ is the classic and celebrated handcrafted work. The childish cookie-shaped stool makes people recall the taste of milky cookies in childhood, simple but sincere, just like even’s handcraft style.

Even’s signature handcrafted cookie stool is made of extremely fine recycled Taiwan Cypress with special fragrance spread out. In order to present the texture and stories of the valuable material, the nail holes and wormholes in wood are retained on the cookie stool, thus making each exclusive work unique and significant.

Even assembled this stool in a traditional way of wood joinery, which made the stool durable in use of a high quality, no matter its strength, flexibility, or toughness. That is the best way to show even’s love and respect for the environment. 


材質 / Material : 臺灣檜木、柳安 / Hinoki, Lauan 

尺寸 / Size:32 × 32 × 42 cm

包裝尺寸 / Package Size:45 × 40 × 35 cm

重量 / Weight:3 kg

​訂製期 / Lead Time : 2 個月 / 2 months

​26,250 TWD

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