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一輪花器 / Terrazzo Vase

共冶設計 / Studio Co-fusion


“Terrazzo” is the common on floors, wall, and staircases in Taiwan. Living in Taiwan, people always have an impression on terrazzo floors, even through the floors are easily ignored in life. There are collective memories of an ice-cold sense of trampling on terrazzo floors and at the same time these memories are always connected with childhood, home, and event our hometown.

We have stated to do terrazzo products. We change the floor making technique into implements manufacturing. We want to let terrazzo move from ground to desk up. We hope to let people remember the cold floor and silent stairs in old house and let people taste the beauty of pattern of crushed stone and metal inlaying. This is also a sense of beauty about normal daily life and we are all the way to grow up.


材質/Material : 磨石子 / Taiwanese terrazzo

注意事項 : 該品項為手工製,含等候及運送約8-10週可取貨

Please note that this product is made to order and typically ships in 8-10 weeks.

6,000 TWD

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