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桌景 / Tandscape


Tandscape is a desk organizer . Its forms evoke a mountain silhouette. Clear lines and "mountains" different in height form a versatile usable space for keeping office stationery as well as personal accessories such as jewelry. This "Tandscape" stores pens, rulers and sharpeners safely and clearly arranged. With its sculptural appeal, Tandscape is transformed from the beautiful image of mountains for you to create your own landscape. 


Size: W31x D9.5 x H2.5 / W13.5x D13.5 x H2.5(cm)
材質/Material:陶瓷 / Ceramics

顏色/Color : 白瓷、灰瓷 / White, Grey

長方款 Rectangle: 1,880 TWD

正方款 Square: 1,280 TWD

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