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Welcome to the project of Tame is to Tame.


It needs to go through six steps to become a tamer


We welcome you to join us


Preface / ​前言

We believe that the virus is an indispensable existence of the biology. Since the virus does not have the ability to self-reproduce, it must be spread through other reprductive "living" creatures, and transforms its host in the proliferation process with a variety of gene fragments.


The virus can not self-reproduce, so can not be directly treated by medicine, but rely on the human immune system. Human communities and viruses can be considered as in an ecological circle. In constast to the view from current health care that sees the virus as an object of epidemic prevention and to be eliminated, our view is not with human emotional bias, but more rational and closer to the biological nature of human beings and viruses. After all, we are all interdependent creatures living together on the earth.

It needs to go through six stages to become a tamer, and we welcome you to join us.




Setp 1   Establish the Relationship

步驟一 建立關係

Declaration / 宣言

The new tamer needs to follow the tamer declaration by recitation, and to prepare their own answer for each question.

The attitude of the human beings toward the viruses should be able to alter, rather than presuming that the virus can only be the enemy.


人類面對病毒的態度應該是可以選擇的, 而不是預設病毒就只能是敵人。

Setp2   The Life Trajectories with Virus

步驟二 與病毒共同進行的生命軌跡

TAMER  /  Pei-Ying Lin

TAMER  /  Miranda de Graaf

This is the life records if the world's first two tamers. In the world of tamers, the personality and behavior of the tamers will be affected by the virus to a certain extent, because of the intimate interaction with each other. In the case of these two tamers, you can see how the tamers and the viruses are compatible with each other (in the degree of congenital susceptibility of the blood gene) and the subsequent training (in the response of viral antibody),








As well as their blood profiles that transformed according to their life trajectories, and vice versa.

以及他們根據自己血液檔案與所進行的生命軌跡、 與他們根據生命軌跡所改變的血液檔案。

Setp3   Tamer’s  Tea

步驟三 病毒馴獸師藥草茶

As a tamer, you will need to be psychologically prepared for the extreme pain brought from Norovirus; the Tamer’s Tea Ceremony is the development for such a need. Practice once in an year or years, the ingredients used in the tea ceremony simulate Norovirus infection which will cause you suffer from vomiting and diarrhea, and to train the tamers’ firm mind through physical experience.

作為病毒馴獸師,也需要對諾羅病毒所帶來生不如死的疼痛心理上有良好的準備, 病毒馴獸師茶道便是為這樣需求而發展出來的儀式。 一年或數年進行一次, 茶道中所使用的所有成份皆可模擬諾羅病毒感染的上吐下瀉,讓病毒馴獸師經由身體體驗堅定心智。

Setp4   Tamer’s Exercise

步驟四 馴獸師健康操七式

This series of movements are designed to accommodate daily sampling and hygiene of a normal Virus Tamer’s life. Training focuses on the fingers, shoulders, and arms, along with increasing the movements around spin which is believed to be related with immunity in Chinese Medicine. This is to prepare the Virus Tamer for an environment surrounded by viruses.


Setp5   Study on the Behavior of Tamer

步驟五 病毒馴獸師行為研究

When the tamer practices health training year after year, and pay attention to their physical movements in daily life details, will the tamer develops a new body posture?


Setp6   Human Crowd as Beast Crowd – Simulation Game of Actions on Decisions

步驟六 人群如獸群 - 行動決策模擬遊戲

The simulation game designed for the new tamers enables 2-6 tamers to discuss and plan the strategy and attitude in the face of viruses, and to enhance the tamers’ ability to think about the interactive relationship between personal behavior and the dynamics of viruses from the view of human crowd.


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