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台灣好食徽章 / Taiwanese Treats












Bubble Milk Tea

The bubble milk tea is a unique drink originated in Taiwan. The amazing sensation it brings to first-time tasters is such a pleasant surprise, just like harvesting shining pearls from the ocean. The ingenious taste created by combining milk tea with chewy tapioca pearls will surely blast your taste buds like a storm.

Shaved Ice with Jade Mountain

Shaved ice is a must for people trying to survive the scorching summer. Layer upon layer of finely shaved ice flakes form a miniature mountain on the plate and the pleasant taste is perfected with a scoop of fruit ice cream on the peak. A spoonful will make you feel so cool as if you were on the top of Jade Mountain, rid of all summer heat and totally refreshed.

Xiao Long Bao

The authentic Taiwanese gourmet snack Xiao Long Bao features juicy fillings wrapped in thin dough and are extra delicious when served with shredded ginger and sauce. Pick one up gracefully with chopsticks, rest it gently in your spoon and take a bite at the delicate snack as steaming hot soup floods your mouth like a waterfall of rich flavor.

Taiwanese Tea

Taiwan is located at a latitude ideal for tea trees' growth, and further blessed with unique landscape allowing an abundance of fine tea to prosper, thus the culture of tea drinking has long been a part of people's lives. In Taiwan, drinking tea is not just to quench thirst, but also to relieve stress and fatigue with the dainty aroma and sweet aftertaste.

Fruit Kingdom

Taiwan has long been fondly nicknamed the "Fruit Kingdom." Besides all kinds of delicious street foods, sweet, refreshing fruits are also a must-try for visitors, with pineapple being one of the most iconic. Feast on some sour-sweet juicy pineapple and immerse in the carefree holiday atmosphere!







Lai Hao is a Taiwan gift shop selling various Taiwan style gifts and souvenirs. The core value of Lai Hao is to “Let the world discover Taiwan beauty” by keep exploring the high quality Taiwan products. 
We believe Taiwan design can be outstanding. We believe MIT products can have high quality. We try to make Taiwan gifts different from those always be seen in the night market. We hope we can not only let Taiwanese people re-recognize the beauty of Taiwan, but also let people all around the world discover the charming side of Taiwan. 
Let us re-define “New Taiwan Style Gifts.”


尺寸 / Size:
材質 / Material :

  TWD 160 

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