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台灣奇獸徽章 / Taiwanese Mythical Creatures












Tiger God

The tiger god is a deity from the Taiwanese folk religion and is believed to be a guardian of temples, villages and towns. In the old times, children loved to play under altars, so they would most easily find and familiarize themselves with the tiger god who, enshrined under altars, had hence become the patron saint of children.

Golden Toad with Three Legs

Originally an evil people harming monster, the Toad lost a leg during an epic fight with Taoist priest Liu Hai and was eventually tamed. As the Toad could spit out treasures, it helped many people along with Liu Hai, and its statues became an icon of fortune that people would keep in their homes.

Red Turtle Custard

The red of the Red Turtle Custard is an auspicious color, and the turtle symbolizes longevity, so turtles were one of the sacrificial offerings during ancient religious ceremonies to pray for longevity. But live turtles were rare, so gradually people turned to offering turtle-shaped custards instead, and the Red Turtle Custard had since become a folk offering that remains common today.

Stone Lion

Lions are reminiscent of gallantry, so stone lions are often used to guard the gates of temples or homes in the Chinese society for good luck. The styles of stone lions, after artistic drafting made by craftsmen, have deviated from real lions. Stone lions are usually set in pairs with balls laid under their paws as a symbol of perfection.

Formosan Sika Deer

In the Chinese language, "deer" is homonymous with "career success," so it is a symbol of "wealth and high rank" often referenced when wishing people succeed in careers or examinations. Together with bat and longevity peach means blessings for "good luck, success and longevity" and the patterns are common in religious sculptures.





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