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世界上第一本專屬台灣的設計圖鑑 / Taiwan by Design 

Annie Ivanova

來自澳洲的知名獨立策展人 Annie Ivanova,憑著對台灣設計的熱愛,獨自來台、歷時 2 年獨自走訪台灣,深入拜訪超過 350 個設計團隊,並親自撰稿挑選出 88 個台灣經典設計作品,以英文編寫成 Taiwan By Design 這本台灣設計圖鑑。希望能出版至全球,讓世界看到屬於這座小島的創作能量。


沒有漂亮的品牌故事或行銷手法,書中設計產品不分知名度,Annie 以更加貼近台灣人的共同日常生活的標準、用最純粹的角度編寫,只為了讓全世界的人能真正認識台灣。

'Taiwan by Design' is the first comprehensive book of the elements and influences shaping a new Asian design aesthetic from Taiwan.Written by award-winning Australian curator Annie Ivanova, the book took 2 years to complete with 350 companies visited and 120 interviews undertaken. 


The 88 curated objects featured in this book piece together a story of Taiwan's fascinating cultural make up and introduce design excellence that is on par with the ‘best of the best’ in international practice. Amongst them are technological innovations such as smart scooter, digital helmet and re-engineered skateboard, as well as Ming Dynasty inspired gifts, eco-furniture, even a burial urn!

Taiwan by Design 官網:

1,620  TWD

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