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taipei makers map

Taipei Makers Map

玩味旅舍 X nicaslife / PDH X nicaslife

與插畫家 nicaslife 合作的 Taipei Makers Map,利用影像辨識技術,讓平面的插畫成為可與人互動的裝置。從玩味旅舍出發,穿梭在新舊城間,尋找著職人的實做精神,展開傳統物料和新穎科技的工藝旅行,收穫成為了養分,持續走在夢想的路上。


Taipei Makers Map is drawn by nickas life. Play Design Hotel designed an APP using image recognition technology, made the map as a piece of the interaction design device.By scanning the spots on the map via mobile phones, you can see places that Play Design Hotel suggest makers visit.

5F No.156-2 Taiyuan Road, Datong District, Taipei City 103, Taiwan

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