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甘味人蔘 / What a Sweet Life - Card Game

便當吃完了,這次來點甜的吧!《甘味人蔘》~夜市人蔘新口味,甜點控 注意!座落於大街小巷的飲料店,無論四季冷暖,隨手拈來一杯沁涼飲 品,絕對是台灣街頭飲⻝文化特色;各式糕點更結合地方習俗與重要節 慶;而人力推車,在台灣可是歷史悠久,推車上的各式小⻝,滿足了日常 的零嘴需求。除了「珍珠奶茶」,台灣還有許多好味道,《夜市人蔘》帶 你一起細細品嚐! 

Eating and drinking are the two most "indispensable" experiences when visiting Taiwan. Be it rain or shine hot or cold the beverage shops around the corner will guarantee you a quenching drink. Pastries associated with traditions and festivities take you on a journey through history and culture. Snack carts patrol the streets satiating every palate. Come with "Yes! Ginseng" on a sweet tour and explore the great foods of Taiwan.


內容物 / Content:

遊戲手冊/ Gamebook x 1;甘味手冊/ Explanation(中文/英文) x 2;

骰子/ Dice x 1;狀況卡/ Situation Cards x 48;甜點卡/ Dessert Cards x 35;底座/ Stand x 5

建議玩家人數/ Suggested player : 2-5 人;遊戲時間/ Time : 10-15 分鐘;學習時間/ Game Length : 5 分鐘;適合年齡/ Suitable Age: 6 歲以上 

980 TWD

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