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真稻隨行杯 / SUI Bottle

隨性 Humanity 

隨心 Soul 

隨行 Action 

The very simple design, return the water bottle to the very basic drink container.

Bring a pure projection of natural spiritual soul of Truegrasses onto mankind mind.

Response to Climate Action, our design enables a new value to agricultural waste, and supporting to reduce air pollution and reduce plastic use.


TRUEGRASSES相信,產品除了方便使用、推廣環保政策,也可為探索Human + Nature的新媒介,開創環保文化新風潮。
從產品到包裝,設計結合大地元素與內涵,呈現環保視覺感、溫潤觸感與淡淡草香。關懷大自然與物種多樣性,連接嚮往自然的心靈,學習尊敬並與大自然溝通,探索Nature & Culture平衡發展關係。

TRUEGRASSES believes, our products designed not only for user-friendly purpose, but also to support environmental policy, and play a mediating role in exploring Human+Nature relationship.

Products collaborate with natural grasses and recycled materials, designed with ECO+ART concept, supporting Reduce Carbon & Reduce Plastics in Climate Action. Products present eco consciousness and enable a new value to agricultural waste. We concern the Nature and Species Diversity, learning how to respect nature and commune our psyche with spiritual soul of nature, reconcile the balance relationship of Nature & Culture.


材質 / Material : 稻穀纖維+PP / Straw + PP

尺寸 / Size : 450ml

顏色 / Color:米、粉、藍 / Beige、Pink、Blue

產地 / Manufacturer:台灣 / Made in Taiwan

490 TWD

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