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立體拼圖音響(雙聲道) / Stereo Puzzle
立體拼圖音響(雙聲道) / Stereo Puzzle
立體拼圖音響(雙聲道) / Stereo Puzzle

立體拼圖音響(雙聲道) / Stereo Puzzle

「有多久沒有花時間投入在喜愛的事情,不被科技所綁架, 享受用自己雙手創造一件事物的感覺了?」  


立體拼圖音響將帶給你全新組裝體驗,顛覆你對音響的既定印象。 立體拼圖音響是一款台灣製造、設計的 DIY 組裝音響,無須面對繁雜電路,讓你輕鬆享受組裝、享受好音質。 採用USB 供電,連接行動電源 或是變壓器即可使用。 

"When Was the last time you're not handcuffed by technology and enjoy creating things by your bare hands?" 


Stereo Puzzle will bring you a whole new assembly experience, and change your established experience on speakers. 

Stereo Puzzle is a user-friendly DIY speaker series designed and made in Taiwan. Without troublesome circuit, you can easily assemble Stereo Puzzle and enjoy the great acoustics of it. 


小山坡團隊由兩個從小一起長大的朋友創辦,致力於創造有趣、特別又實用的產品,因此,我們以童年時玩樂的地點 — 小山坡 — 作為團隊名稱,希望能隨時保有童心,點亮人們的生活。 


Shanpo is established by two young men, dedicating to designing interesting, special and useful products. We hope to keep childlike innocence, and to create products that bring happiness to people. 


尺寸 / Size : 8 x 12 x 23 cm

1,950  TWD

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