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Square LED wood table lamp AG006
Square LED wood table lamp AG006

方框燈 AG006 / Square LED Wood Lamp AG006




“Where is light from?” At the first sight of this lamp, people often question about it. This tricky state shows interest of light. With LED and touch control inside the rectangular wood-frame, Square creates fantastic atmosphere when it lights up.


材質 / Material : 胡桃木 / Walnut

表面處理 / Finish : 漆裝 / Lacquer

尺寸 / Size : 33 (L) x 7 (D) x 33 (W) cm

光源 / Lighting : 內崁式 3 瓦暖白光LED / 1 x 3W warm white LED

電壓 / Voltage : 15 VDC

功能 / Function : 無段式觸摸調光 / touch dimming

型號 / Model : AG006


 8,300 TWD

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