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麻雀時鐘 / Sparrow X CLOCK

麻雀時鐘 / Sparrow x CLOCK

麻雀是城市裡最常見的鳥兒,有時停在窗台,有時在藍天下飛翔,每一種姿態都可愛,因為有他們的出現,讓原本單調的生活,多了一些朝氣與活力。haoshi design以六隻生動的麻雀,讓時鐘變得更有趣,麻雀們無論是在窗台上佇立,或是展翅往遠方飛去,看著他們天真的模樣,讓人忘了被時間追趕的緊張。


Sparrow is the most common bird to be found in the city. They have diversity of gesture, which sometimes they stop at the window and sometimes they fly in the blue sky. Because their presence, our ordinary life gain more vigor and vitality. haoshi design creates the clock with six lively sparrows, so the clock has become more interesting. No matter sparrows are either standing on the windowsill, or wings to fly far away. Those naïve behaviors help people imperceptibly slow down the pace of busy life.


材質 / Material:樹脂 / ABS

尺寸 / Size:82 (W) x 8 (D) x 45 (H) cm

 4,380 TWD

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