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光影時鐘 / Skelock Wall Clock

Skelock傳達了光與影在不同空間與時間的互動。 跳脫時鐘在平面空間的限制,將其線性框架往立體空間擴展。 藉由金屬線材與光線的互動,在牆面上產生了深淺不一、 瞬息萬變的陰影, 表現出時光脈動的軌跡。

早期的人類藉由觀察光影的變化,發現了時間的流逝。Skelock的本質在於傳達光與影在不同空間與時間的互動。從古老的日晷中得到靈感,利用減法設計,將時鐘的外型簡化至只剩骨架。以不鏽鋼線建構出時鐘的骨架,脫時鐘在平面空間的限制,將其線性框架往立體空間擴展。藉由金屬線材與光線的互動,在牆面上產生了深淺不一、 瞬息萬變的陰影, 表現出時光脈動的軌跡。


Ancient human beings discovered the passage of time by observing changes in light and shadow over time. 

Skelock explores the interaction between light and shadow along with time and space. Taking inspiration from ancient sundials, we minimize the form of the clock to its skeleton and expand its wire structure into three-dimensional space. Under the interactions between the light and wire structure, the shadow cast on the wall varies with time, showing the pulse of time.

Kanari 認為「人」與「物」存在著一種共生關係,我們從日常的生活縫隙中,仔細觀察兩者之間的互動。「共。生」,代表 Together + Living,如同生物學提到共生是一種演化的機制,個體之間為了適應環境而帶來的轉變。Kanari 將共生的概念,融入到產品設計,希望藉由調整「人」與「物」間的平衡與相互關係,去發掘產品在使用上的趣味互動,迎向生活所帶來的轉變,重新定義共生的本質。

Kanari believes that there is a symbiotic relationship between “human” and “objects”,  we carefully observe the interaction between the two in our daily life. The word Symbiotic in Greek stands for “Together” and “Living”, just as biology demonstrates that symbiosis is an evolutionary mechanism, it is a ransformation 
of individuals in order to adapt to their living environment. Kanari incorporates the concept of symbiosis into product design. By adjusting the balance between human and objects, we aim to explore the interactive possibilities of products in our daily life. Together + Living, embracing a better life and redefining the essence of symbiosis.


材質 / Material : 不鏽鋼、SKP 機芯 / Stainless Steel、SKP Movement
尺寸 / Size : L 30 x W 30 x H 6.5 cm
顏色 / Color : 玫瑰金、金色 、 霧黑  /  Rose Gold, Gold, Matte Black 

霧黑 Black: 3,800 TWD

玫瑰金 Rose Gold & 金色 Gold: 4,300 TWD

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