Play Design Hotel Wins Runner-Up in 2017 Radical Innovation Award!

玩味旅舍從來自 24 個國家的 65 件旅館創新概念中脫穎而出,以亞洲唯一的團隊進入前 3 名決選 Radical Innovation Award,並於 10 月 4 日在紐約市新當代藝術博物館 (New Museum) 進行公開簡報,榮獲第二名及 5000 美元獎金。這個獎項是玩味旅舍從設計產業出發,卻在旅館業的創新指標獲得國際肯定的一項殊榮。

Play Design Hotel has been selected as one of the top 3 among 65 innovative concepts from 24 countries around the globe, and has been invited to fly to New York to present the concept at the Neo Museum in October 4th, resulting in the award-winning of the second place of Radical Innovation Award and a reward of USD$ 5000. This award is an international recognition and a proof of Play Design Hotel's success of integrating design industry with hospitality industry in terms of innovation.

Radical Innovation Award 是美國旅館及地產開發集團 John Hardy Group 舉辦的旅館創新獎,今年是第 11 屆。獎項的目標在於向全世界徵求、發掘具有翻轉旅館產業、高度可行性、兼具商業模式的原創概念。

Radical Innovation Award was founded in 2007 by John Hardy Group, a renowned hotel and real estate development firm. The goal of the award is to discover original game-changing idea in hospitality design from around the world.

今年總共有 3 組入圍專業組決選、1 組學生組冠軍、1 組學生組優選 (Honorable Mention)。專業組冠軍曾幫美國 Marriot 等飯店集團品牌設計建築及空間的 EoA 建築事務所,得獎作品為 Living the Till

This year, three professional finalists from Arno Matis Architecture, EoA Inc., and Play Design Hotel have presented the innovative concepts alongside student winner from University of Nevada, Las Vegas and student honorable mention from Eindhoven, Netherlands.

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