忙亂時代中的溫柔與堅定 - Tadashi Tsuchihashi x Play Design Hotel

忙亂時代中的溫柔與堅定 - Tadashi Tsuchihashi x Play Design Hotel


Stationery has been playing an important but quiet role in our lives. As a student, stationery is a necessity, sometimes, even a little luxury. With the progress of technology, electronic products have gradually replaced the function of stationery to some extent. Nevertheless, stationery has developed a whole new meaning. In the age of digitalization, there is still a sound gently and firmly reminding us of the exquisiteness of stationery.


This time, Japanese stationery director Mr. Tadashi visited Taiwan for his new book release. Hence, during his stay in Play Design Hotel we had the chance to discuss the meaning of stationery with Mr. Tadashi from a different perspective. At the meantime, we have also curated an exhibition “Take a trip from stationery“ through which we invite guests to review the developmental traces of the stationery designed and manufactured in Taiwan from your own experiences.

日本文具大師土橋正:Tadashi Tsuchihashi

Japanese Master of Stationery:Tadashi Tsuchihashi


Mr. Tadashi and his wife. Photographed at Local Fun Room at Play Design Hotel.

土橋先生是日本的文具顧問 (Stationary Director)。向來喜歡嘗試不一樣東西的他,在 35 歲時,決定選擇自己擅長且喜愛的文具當作專業。現在主要的工作內容包括接受文具製造商委託,規劃新產品及宣傳活動、和文具店合作策畫展示專區,像是「提升集中力」專區等。還有雜誌發行與專欄撰寫,內容除了文具介紹外、更包含土橋先生親自使用的經驗與感想。

Mr. Tadashi is a stationery director who founded Pen-info.jp Consulting Office after working for a leading stationery trade show (ISOT). His job includes consultation for product planning and PR for stationery makers, planning stationery corner for retails shops and chains store. He also publishes a stationery web magazine and writes the columns of stationery from his own experiences of using.


The Exquisiteness of Stationery

「文具是我思考事情時使用的媒介。」土橋先生說,「在思考與產生想法的階段,我會先使用筆跟紙,之後才用電腦。」雖然多一個步驟,但手寫時能更彈性、更直覺地紀錄心中的想法。然而,每個人對於文具的感受與連結都不一樣,就像土橋先生一直強調的 – 文具是融入每個人生活與工作中的,隨著不同的生活經驗,文具也會呈現出不同的耀眼時刻。

“Stationery is the medium I use when I am thinking.“, said Mr. Tadashi. “I firstly use pen and paper when I am generating ideas, and then I use PC.” Although it is an extra step, handwriting allows me to record thoughts more flexible and more straightforward. However, the connection between people and stationery is different for everyone. As Mr. Tadashi emphasized, stationery is integrated into everyone’s life. With different life experiences, stationery will also have different shining moments.


What is an appropriate stationery? For Mr. Tadashi, the design of function is more important than stylish appearance. Due to the usage habits, usable for a long time is also an important criterion. As for the price, it should match the material used and workmanship. The lower price is not always better, yet the higher price does not indicate excellence. Last but not least, inexistence of products. This is a very special concept. Because of the high demand of concentration when writing, the smoothness of using might also be a disturbance.


Mr. Tadashi's thoughts on Taiwanese Stationery

台灣文具產業起步較西方國家和日本晚,早期以代工為主,近年來各種設計品牌如雨後春筍般發跡。土橋先生也與我們分享了一些他對台灣文具的觀察與想法。像是物外設計的黃銅筆22 設計的水泥筆,因其有趣的材質選用,十分讓人印象深刻。土橋先生認為,在台灣的設計中,材料的選用是很有趣且獨特的。至於土橋先生每次來台灣都會造訪的兩間文具店則是禮拜文房具 (Tools to Liveby) 直物生活文具 (Plain Stationery)。雖然大部分商品是孰悉的日本製文具,但土橋先生認為因為店家展示的方式不同,所以仍能帶給他新鮮的感覺。

Compared to Western countries and Japan, stationery industry in Taiwan started fairly late. While focusing on OEM at the early stage, there are more and more designer‘s brands of stationery coming out these years. Mr. Tadashi also shared some ideas of Taiwanese stationery with us. Like the brassing pen by Ystudio and the concrete pen by 22 design studio. Due to the interesting material used, they are very impressive. Mr. Tadashi thinks that the choice of material is very interesting and unique in Taiwanese design. As for the stationery shops, the must visit ones for Mr. Tadashi are Tools to Liveby and Plain Stationery. Although their products are mostly Japanese stationery, the way of displaying can always bring the freshness to Mr. Tadashi.

在玩味旅舍出現的文具中,有兩件吸引了土橋先生的目光 – 物外設計的自動鉛筆,以及 Beyond Object 的偏軸筆。土橋先生特別評論偏軸筆說:「當人們看到這種不平衡的設計,就會想去矯正它。設計師很了解人的心理呢!」

Among the stationery exhibited in Play Design Hotel, there are two attracts Mr. Tadashi’s attention – the mechanical pencil by ystudio, and the Align - twist ballpoint pen by Beyond Object. Mr. Tadashi commented, “When people see this kind of unbalanced design, they want to correct it. Designer rather understands people’s mind!”

玩味印象 - 503 在地瘋

Impressions on Local Fun Room

這次土橋先生選擇入住玩味旅舍的 503 房 - 在地瘋,以台灣傳統工藝及自然素材提供了旅客近距離接觸台灣設計的機會。土橋先生認為現今的社會有太多的設計,而玩味旅舍的設計不會太吵雜,給人很舒服的感覺,非常放鬆,也因為這種舒服的感覺,很適合來這邊 Long stay。

This time, Mr. Tadashi’s choice of room is 503 - Local Fun, which provides an opportunity for travelers to touch and feel the traditional Taiwanese crafts and natural materials. Speaking of the image of Play Design Hotel, Mr. Tadashi thinks there is too much design nowadays, but the design here is not too noisy and makes people feeling comfortable and relaxed.


Mr. Tadashi has selected 3 impressive furnishings in the room

1. Ruskasa 的 RU-DS009


「The sense of comfortable allows me to concentrate on writing. 」

2. 集飾 Jishih 的角落衣架/ Corner Rack


「Different from the cleanness of hotel, the corner rack makes the room like a living room. After using, it still feels good.」

3. 原愛木工坊的 漂流木椅子/Guest Chair


「Lower viewing angle when sitting brings a different look of the room. 」


Through this insightful interview, we have the chance to revisit the meaning of stationery and discover the different faces of Taiwanese design. In this busy world, the exquisiteness of stationery brings the sense of stability. And, in the balance of innovation and practicality, we believe Taiwanese design will walk a unique way in the world.

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