Solo exhibition of Pei-Ying Lin : " ‘~’ and ‘!’ "

林沛瑩個展《~ / !》


Pei-Ying is an artist, designer and programmer with an MA in design interactions, Royal College of Art, and a BSc in life science, minor in computer science and cultural studies from National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. Her main focus is on the combination of science and human society through artistic methods. She currently runs a Taiwanese BioArt community in Taiwan.

而本次我們要向大家介紹的-林沛瑩個展《~/!》即將在12月10日(也就是這個禮拜六),於台北數位藝術中心的噪咖大廳開展囉,展期分為兩檔,「~」與「!」。第一檔,符號「~」在中文中稱作波浪紋、英文叫做「tilde」,在數學中有「大約」的意思,而科學中則代表「bitwise not」。以此描述持續探索領域疆界、將藝術、科學、科技、語言、文化不斷揉合混雜又重新定義的過程。 第二檔「!」是中文的驚嘆號,在數學中代表「階層乘法」,而資訊科學中則有邏輯運算子「not」(反)的意思。由於展覽使用大量的生物體如植物、細菌、原細胞,第二檔展覽嘗試討論這些被作為作品的生命與擬生命體在展場中的本質、進而流動的生命做為被展覽物的關係。

Solo exhibition of Pei-Ying Lin : " ‘~’ and ‘!’ " will open tomorrow (Dec. 12) at Noise Kitchen / Digital Art Center, Taipei. The exhibition is divided into two sessions: ‘~’ and ‘!’. The first symbol ‘~’ is named ‘tilde’ in English, and has the meaning of “approximate” in mathematics, and ‘bitwise not’ in computer science. It signifies the ongoing process of blurring and redefining the boundaries of art, science, technology, languages, and culture. The second session falls under the name ‘!’, the exclamation mark. In mathematics ‘!’ is the factorial operation , and as logical negation in computer science. This second session tries to expose the underlying living and semi-living organisms and their essence to discuss their relationship to the exhibition as ‘exhibited objects’.

----- 展覽資訊 / Exhibition Information

林沛瑩個展《~ / !》

Solo exhibition of Pei-Ying Lin: " ‘~’ and ‘!’ "

「~」展覽日程:2016/12/10(六) ~ 2016/12/31(六)

「!」展覽日程:2017/01/01(日) ~ 2017/01/26(四)

週一至週日 10:00~18:00

Exhibition Dates of ’ ~ ‘ : Dec. 10 to Dec. 31, 2016

Exhibition Dates of ’ ! ‘ : Jan. 1 to Jan. 26, 2017

Mon. to Sun. 10:00~18:00

Website: Tel: +886 2-77360708 Entrance: Free

地點 / Venue

台北數位藝術中心 噪咖大廳:士林區福華路180號;近芝山捷運站2號出口

Noise Kitchen/ Digital Art Center, Taipei :No.180, Fuhua Rd., Shihlin Dist., Taipei City;MRT Zhishan Station Exit 2

+886 2 2555.5930