Play Design Hotel Shortlisted in the 2017 Interaction Awards!


「互動設計」(Interaction Design常簡寫為IxD)的核心精神在於改善人類互動、溝通的方式,讓人與人之間、或人與物品之間的交流更有效率、更具趣味。我們明確體會到,台灣正處於體驗經濟時代,許多企業或品牌愈發重視顧客及產品的使用者體驗,而互動設計是塑造這種體驗的一種重要方法與概念。而由互動設計協會(IxDA)於2010年成立、並於2012年首次徵件舉辦的年度互動設計獎(Interaction Awards),則是近幾年在全球互動設計和創新領域最具指摽性的的獎項,每年的獲獎作品都展示了設計作品如何跳脫介面技術、走入社會、產業,更彰顯互動設計如何影響、改善人類生活。

“Interaction Design” (often abbreviated as IxD) is defined as the practice of designing products, systems, services for the improvement of human interaction and communication to be more efficient and delightful. We have sensed that Taiwan is in the era of the experience economy, in which many companies or brands pay more attention to the customer and product user experience, and interaction design is an important method and concept to create this kind of experience. Founded by the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) in 2010 and first presented in 2012, the annual Interaction Awards celebrate design thought leadership and innovation around the globe. The award recipients comprise a showcase demonstrating how interaction design impacts and improves human lives. The Interaction Awards recognize and celebrate examples of excellence in Interaction Design across domains, channels, environments and cultures.

2017年數百件參賽作品中,玩味旅舍與其他74個計畫共同入圍。入圍者涵蓋全球13個國家的互動設計專業團隊,如:Philips Design、Google、LinkedIn、Microsoft、R/GA等。入圍團隊中,玩味旅舍是今年唯一一組台灣團隊,也是東亞各國中唯一入選的專業團隊。在網路或科技用品介面為主的比賽裡,玩味是難得一見以空間和服務挑戰互動理念的團隊。玩味旅舍透過悉心布局顧客(旅客)與品牌(玩味旅舍)的每一個接觸點的互動,將旅館產業轉換成一種概念上的「互動介面」,成為連結本地設計師與國外旅客的在地體驗的媒介。我們相信這種經營概念與營運模式,是一種新的互動設計概念及方法。

The 2017 Interaction Awards received hundreds of entries, across 13 countries from top design teams such as Philips Design, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, R/GA, to name a few. Play Design Hotel is one of the 74 shortlisted projects, and the only one professional team from Taiwan and East Asia. Though the award is oriented by the internet and technological interface, we challenged the idea of interaction with innovated space and service. Play Design Hotel transforms the hotel industry into an "interactive interface" by connecting customer (lodger) and the brand (PDH) with interactive point that meticulously planned, as well as a mediator for connecting local designers with foreign visitors and their indigenous experience. We believe that this business concept and model is a new concept and method to engage in interaction design.


Professionals and students are invited to submit concepts of any kind that exemplify outstanding interaction design in one or more of the six categories, including Connecting, Disrupting, Empowering, Engaging, Expressing and Optimizing. While there are 11 to 16 groups shortlisted in each category, we have succeeded in being shortlisted in 3 of the 6 categories of the award: Connecting, Interrupting, and Engaging, which are defined by IxDA as: Facilitating communication between people and communities, Re-imagining completely an existing product or service by creating new behaviors, usages or markets, and Capturing attention, creating delight and delivering meaning. Each of the category represents our dedication in connecting international traveller with Taiwan design, interrupting the conventional hotel and design businesses, and engaging in design, travel, indigenous culture and daily life experience.


We are proud and excited to be shortlisted to win recognition for our achievement in the innovation of design and hotel business, and more importantly, in engaging interaction design with lived experiences through the innovated hotel interface. All shortlisted entries will be included in the Interaction Design Awards Yearbook, an annual snapshot of the state of Interaction Design around the world. We invite you to visit our webpage on IxDA and welcome any comment and feedback. With the pride and honor, we’ll move on to New Year and new challenges!

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